Fragile Machine

by Every Hour Kills

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The new EP titled 'Fragile Machine' to be released on July 6th 2018, explores the questions of what comes next in human evolution. What does it mean to be a human, if consciousness can be stored in a machine?

The artwork depicts an enormous server cube floating in space, after the technological singularity, which contains mankind's digitized minds living forever in an infinite dream created from code. The material christened 'Scorecore' by the band, ranges in dynamics and will resonate with fans familiar with heavy weights such as Soilwork, Amaranthe, and In Flames.

Embracing the mentality of a collective art project, the core members ex-Divinity guitarist Alan Sacha Laskow (ENDITOL, the Order of the Gray, Walk As Chaos), bassist Brent Stutsky (ex-Breach of Trust, ex-Death Valley Dolls), along with vocalist Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster (ex-Out of Your Mouth, ex-Autobody, ex-the R.A.C.E.) pulled together an insanely talented cast of collaborators including:

Guest Vocals by Andrew Ivashchenko (Shokran), Renny Carroll (Flux Conduct), Jonathan Thorpenberg (The Unguided), David Chunn (Vallite) and Mark Haggblad (Unveil the Strength)

Guest Guitar Solos by Andy James, Mattias IA Eklundh, Daniele Gottardo and Paul Wardingham

Additional Guitar Production by Carson Slovak (August Burns Red, Everclear)


released July 5, 2018

Guitars and Programming: Alan Sacha Laskow
Bass: Brent Stutsky
Vocals (Main): Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster

Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered: Alan Sacha Laskow Perfect Filth
Additional Production and Engineering: Robert Kukla
Additional Vocal Engineering: Renny Carroll, Andrew Ivashchenko, Jonathan Thorpenberg Mark Haggblad and Robert Kukla
Additional Guitar Engineering: Carson Slovak
Additional Vocal Production on ‘Fragile Machine’: NJ Promusic

Artwork by Dixon Jong – Intuitive Design
Band Photo by Ryan Donnelly, Edited by Dixon Jong

Every Hour Kills uses: Fractal Audio, Bareknuckle pickups, and Toontrack

Thank you to everyone who believed in us, supported us, and helped make this happen!


all rights reserved



Every Hour Kills Calgary, Alberta

Every Hour Kills is the new Melodic Modern Metal band exploding on to the scene. Inspired by the anonymous literary quote 'Every hour wounds, but the last one kills', the band is a heady cocktail of Metal, Metalcore and Progressive with a hint of Djent. For fans of Soilwork, In Flames, Amaranthe and Sevendust. ... more

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Track Name: NumLock
Lend me your ear quickly
I have a thought
One of those lightbulbs flickering
On and off, wires crossed
Assemble the thugs
Treat them
Give them the world
Hate is a burden of the saddened man
They’re all in the room, now gas ‘em out

Envision the sign
Your fears are non-existent
Moments alive
It’s how forever pushes on
Envision the prize
We’re beggars impersonating soldiers and more
Affording things, we can’t afford

The genesis high feeds them
Appealing as all hell
Completing what we are, and what we’re for
We are the game, and we are the sport
Forget what they said, resent the point
Focus, blind
The blood on their hands will never dry
They’re all in the room now gas it
Track Name: Aldebaran
Eyes stay cold
While every inch of us is filled with yearning
Keep control
And mask the signs that our hearts are burning

We’re not alone ‘cus we’re as one
We’re not afraid ‘cus we have love
We’ll never stray from where we belong
Together we will find a way

Crimson heat
Suppresses every trace of reason in their heads
Narrow minds
Feed the tempest, leaving all words unsaid

We’re not alone ‘cus we’re as one
We’re not afraid ‘cus we have love
We’ll never stray from where we belong
We’re not ashamed of what we’ve become

Together we will find a way

We’re not alone ‘cus we’re as one
We’re not afraid ‘cus we’ve got love
Track Name: Illusorian
Hey! I want to ask you how you lived until this day?
Deceived. Do you think this is real?
You recognize this place but it's no longer your home
You recognize this place; this place is full of lies
No! It`s an illusion
It exists to knock you out of the way and you are cornered

If you wonder how, how you can get out
I`ll give you a helping hand
If you wonder how, how you can get out
Now you’ll finally understand

Life is full colours but devoid of taste
You are trapped in your own narrow frames
You lost a fight! Your hands are tied I feel your pain, I cannot help...
Hey! But what if you’re addicted? You`re addicted to a dream? If it’s not, what it seems?

If you wonder how, how you can get out
I`ll give you a helping hand
If you wonder how, how you can get out
Now you’ll finally understand
Track Name: Fragile Machine
The end of waiting, the end to mystery
This holographic portrait
The river's faded, the stars will sleep with me
We only wanted to feel this frail machine
The end of feeling now with a whisper gone

This time I know that, this time I know that

It's all been for real
But none of it's real this way
We always wanted to feel the same

It's all been for real
And none of it's real this way
We've been waiting in this digital dream

With you, I'd give away the solar saved light
With you, I'd hide away until there's no end
I'd give up the sun with you
The end of meaning without you

What is the saving lie (who's gonna save it)
I want to save this time (only to save you)
It's all around me, this artificial likeness
We could run from perceiving this shell
We'll think but will we sing

We need to feel this one thing
We need to feel this something
Track Name: Death Song
You can't intimidate or medicate its my choice there’s no escape
You're asleep I am awake I'm so real you're fuckin fake
Speak the words you're full of shit so sick of you so sick of this
It kills me to know the truth to watch what has died in you

You cut me to the bone
you left me nothing here at all
sing my Death Song
I'll never die alone

Its just that time forgives I don't forget a jaded motherfucker that's torn within
I'm a psychopath with no regret and I won't stop killing till the very end
You can’t take what you don't have and If you have another moment you can kiss my ass
You talk the talk and I'll walk the walk when you're bleeding there and you're all alone

You cut me to the bone
You left me nothing here at all
Sing my Death Song
I'll never die alone
It kills me to the core
You left me nothing here at all
Sing my Death Song

Never Die Alone
You will sing my death song

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